GEI Chimney Sweeps is a small independent company run by Peter and Steve.

With a background of over 30 years each in engineering and having undergone

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Chimney Balloons

We sell and install chimney balloons which come in a variety of sizes to fit most chimneys and can be specially made for extra large chimney flues.

They are a simple but extremely effective way of saving money on fuel bills.

When not in regular use your chimney can waste alot of the heat from your house as warm air rises up the chimney and is replaced by cold air. The chimney balloon is inflated into the flue to form a plug of air which prevents the warm air escaping up the chimney. It is cleverly designed to leave a little gap to ensure the chimney remains ventilated (important to avoid damp). The balloon can be left in place for years until the fire is next needed, then it is simply deflated and stored ready to be reused when required.