GEI Chimney Sweeps is a small independent company run by Peter and Steve.

With a background of over 30 years each in engineering and having undergone

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Chimney Lining

We provide a chimney re-lining process using flexible metal liners*.

Why line a chimney ?

If the integrity of the chimney is not known or cannot easily be confirmed, or its long term serviceability is in doubt, often the easiest way to guarantee continued safe operation of the chimney is to fit a flexible metal liner

When fitting a wood burning or multi-fuel appliance the manufacturer usually recommends the fitting of a flexible metal liner. This is due to modern appliances being much more efficient than the open fires they generally replace. An additional benefit being that the heat that use to go up the chimney now heats the room, which means there is less heat to carry the waste gases out of the flue. By fitting a flexible metal liner, the reduced heat is concentrated aiding the gases exiting the flue. It is important that the liner is insulated when the chimney is located in an exposed position, like an outside wall.

* the liners we install come in two standards of stainless steel, 904 which has a 20 year guarantee and 316 which has a 10 year guarantee.

We are also happy to install liners purchased by the customer.