GEI Chimney Sweeps is a small independent company run by Peter and Steve.

With a background of over 30 years each in engineering and having undergone

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Flue Smoke Testing

We can conduct and sign-off both chimney integrity and draw smoke tests.

Type 1 (Pressure) Integrity test to establish if any gasses are able to escape the flue through breaches in the chimney.

This test is a cold pressure test that involves sealing the flue at the top and bottom and a smoke pellet ignited within the flue after the pressure has built up observations are carried out to identify any possible smoke leakage. Access to the top of the stack and to all visible parts of the stack within the property is required for this test.


Type 2 (Draw) Smoke evacuation test to establish whether the chimney is functioning correctly.

This test involves warming the flue to simulate operating temperature and all other variables to be as worst case i.e. windows and doors closed. A smoke pellet is ignited in the grate and the evacuation of the smoke observed to ensure that none enters the room and exits the terminal correctly.

The above generic tests can be applied to both open fires and appliances, slight variations in the procedures are made to suit the installation under investigation.