GEI Chimney Sweeps is a small independent company run by Peter and Steve.

With a background of over 30 years each in engineering and having undergone

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Temperature Gauges and Moisture Meters

We sell both Temperature Gauges and Moisture Meters both simple accessories that can help you save fuel and get the best from you appliance.


Temperature Gauges

A magnetic stove temperature gauge is a very useful accessory as most appliances do not have a built in read out. The gauge will help to ensure you run you stove at the optimum temperature avoiding over firing which wastes fuel and burning at too lower temperature which can cause creosote deposits in the chimney.

The gauge (dependant on type) is magnetically attached to either the stove body or the flue pipe and indicates if the stove is running efficiently.


Moisture Meters

It is important to burn only seasoned wood with a moisture content ideally less than 20%, but no more than 25%.

Using a moisture meter will quickly identify the moisture content of wood logs to ensure you are getting the best out of your appliance.

Burning wet logs wastes fuel when energy is used up to evaporate the excess water in the wood. Much of this is then lost up the chimney as water vapour. Some of the water vapour generated will condense in cooler parts of the chimney and deposit sticky creosote tars which are difficult to clean by normal sweeping and increase the risk of a chimney fire.